We have partnered with Kerakoll, who is an international leader in developing and offering a comprehensive suite of GreenBuilding materials to install tiles with the environment in focus.

We present to you their fantastic array of grouts, silicones, primers, and adhesives to help you achieve a professional finish. If you are looking for a best match grout or silicone, view the 50 different tones available, or speak to a member of our customer service team who will advise.

When considering a primer or adhesive, the substrate will guide your purchase. Liaise with your tiler who will point you in the right direction of the most appropriate product.


Selecting the correct tile adhesive will enable the tiles to be fitted appropriately. There are key variables to be aware of such as the substrate, the speed of setting and the flexibility of the adhesive. Together the right product will lay the foundations for a super fit.


Both compound and gel adhesives are available across our Tilemaster and Kerakoll brands. These adhesives are suitable for either porcelain or ceramics tiles.


All tiles require grout to complete the fixing. Our grout selection is expansive, covering a staggering 50 shades. The colour can either match the base tone within the tile or create a contrast to enhance a shade.


Our grout selection is suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles. The colours vary from soft white and cool blue to dramatic grey and vibrant red. All shades are also available in our silicone collection.



A silicone is required when you need a seal between the tile and the adjacent surface. Silicone is highly flexible, therefore, withstanding any movement over time.


To complement our grout selection, our silicones also hold 50 matching shades to either complement or offer a bold contrast. The product is waterproof, mildew resistant and highly elastic.

From £12.96


Certain wall and floor substrates require priming before tiling or levelling, this may be due to applying a reduction to the porosity of the substrate to present air bubbles. A primer can also minimise the risk of a chemical reaction with a cement-based adhesive and provide additional surface strength to a fragile surface.

Keragrip EcoKeragrip Eco5kg
From £49.64
Primer A EcoPrimer A Eco5kg
From £30.88
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